Portrait B is no more.

After 6 years Portrait B decided to end her musical project.
At times it was hard.
It was intense.
There were difficult moments.
There was success.
We were very proud of our music.
We still are.
We have met lots of new people.
We became a close band of friends.
We have been through a lot together.
It was top!

Musical differences form the basis.
Each we will go our own, separate ways.
And perhaps we will meet you guys again somewhere.
On a stage.
In the audience.
We are grateful to you.
For your enthusiasm.
For your loyalty.
For your help.
So often.
Sometimes so far from home.

The show is over.
All good things come to an end.
1 Million thanks!

Yannick, Joris, Marc, Herbert, Ron

Portrait B
Portrait B live @ Muziekgieterij Maastricht (NL) - 2016